Looking for a reliable day care center for your child is certainly a very important decision each parent should consider. Good to know that a dependable learning institution like Heavenly Haven exists.

Heavenly Haven is dedicated to the care and overall learning advancement of your child. We will provide a wide array of fun and learning activities that promote a lifetime of memorable moments. Feel relaxed because you have chosen the right people who will develop your child’s wonderful potentials.

baby tongue

Opening up Minds at a Young Age

At Heavenly Haven Angel Day Care & Preschool, early education is perhaps the best gift you can offer your infant along with some snuggles, smiles, songs, feedings and laughter. At a child day-care center, you can see your infant growing into a toddler while engaging in a variety of different activities-mental, physical, and emotional-that help […]

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baby talk

Play Dates for Social Development

During the time when the kid is ready for pre-school, parents must address the need for warming up their social skills. It is because most kids are easily disillusioned on their first day at pre-school at the sight of so many people they never met before. Play dates can work to introduce kids to people […]

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toddler and dad

Relationship-Building at Child Day-Care Centers

In today’s world, Heavenly Haven Angel Day Care & Preschool Centers of Newport News experiences for toddlers as well as infants can prove to be extremely enriching provided the care is done the right way. The relationship that develops between the caregivers and toddlers/infants can be equated to a piece of dance, wherein the child […]

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TV for Toddler – The Good and the Bad

Television and other modern electronic gadgets have changed our way of life. Certainly, they have brought more radical changes in the way children are brought up. Like any means of communication, television comes with both pros and cons. Thus, it is important to protect the children from the harmful effects of TV and only let […]

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