Looking for a reliable day care center for your child is certainly a very important decision each parent should consider. Good to know that a dependable learning institution like Heavenly Haven exists.

Heavenly Haven is dedicated to the care and overall learning advancement of your child. We will provide a wide array of fun and learning activities that promote a lifetime of memorable moments. Feel relaxed because you have chosen the right people who will develop your child’s wonderful potentials.

How to Shower your Child with Positive Attention

Children constantly look up to their parents for their initial lessons in life even if they attend a day-care center like Heavenly Haven. They carefully observe every behavior of their parents. What impacts them most is how the parents attend to them during that time. Evidences have proved that children are capable of being stressed. […]

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How to Deal with Temper Tantrum of your Toddlers

Every parent loves to have some good time cuddling and playing with their babies. They are impressed by how well the babies respond and take great pride during those moments when their toddler acts smartly. In the downturn though, a toddler will occasionally throw spells of tantrum. It happens for various reasons. Most commonly it […]

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Emotional Development of your Preschooler

At an early age when preschoolers are not able to express their feeling using speech or language, it is common and quite usual for them to throw a tantrum. The act of frustration over the inability to communicate will naturally and gradually fade away upon getting better and better at speaking. They learn it by […]

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